The Long Beach Men’s Amateur Championships

In 1926, the first Long Beach Men’s City Championship was played. As was customary at the time, it was a match play competition (won by Walter Martin, for those of you scoring at home). In 1971, the tournament was renamed the Long Beach Match Play Championship, and a new stroke play tournament was born, taking on the name of the original event. Ever since then, the winner of the “new” Men’s City’s Championship Flight has been dutifully recorded for posterity. But what about all of the men who have posted the best net score in Men’s City competition down through the years? Don’t they deserve to be celebrated in their own right? We think so.

Beginning in 2019, the “Men’s City” will officially become two separate tournaments, paired together under the umbrella of the Long Beach Men’s Amateur Championships. The Long Beach Men’s City Championship will be comprised of golfers who qualify for what in previous years was called the Championship Flight of the Men’s City. And those who’ve traditionally played in lettered flights (“A Flight”, “B Flight”, etc.) now have your own independent tournament – the Long Beach Men’s City Challenge. To determine which tournament is right for you, and to register to play in it, click on the following links: